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Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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Vermont contains 50mg of CBD per 1ml. Comes with a measured dropper for finding your perfect dose.
Our full spectrum formula offers a boosted whole body relief perfect for:

  • Calm
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Finding your Happy
  • Anxiety

Recommended Dosage - Start Low - Go Slow
15ml = 50 x 15mg doses
30ml = 100 x 15mg doses

Great for any time of the day as needed or when you want to slip into your evening routine and have a great night’s rest.

Whole Body Effect: Take orally - Start with 0.25ml (12.5mg CBD) and increase up to 1ml if required.

Local Effect: Apply topically to affected areas for joint pain and skin repair.

A refined full spectrum cannabis (hemp) extract containing beneficial minor cannabinoids and terpenes infused in organic, ketone rich MCT oil. Made from a blend of hand cultivated, organically and sustainably grown, single origin cannabis plants from the rolling meadows of Lilac Ridge, Brattleboro, Vermont. Natural, light taste with no artificial flavours, expect sweet, citrus, floral and chocolate tasting notes. Prominent terpenes include linalool, prominent in lavender, and limonene providing a balanced combination of calm, uplift, comfort and rest.

Certificates of Analysis can be found here.
Extraction method: Ethanolic Distillation

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