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All of our CBD products are run by families who source from local farms in their state. We have close partnerships with our suppliers ensuring that you get the best quality product for you and your loved ones.


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Delicious CBD flower in its raw form.

oHHo CBD Flower - Super Sour Space Candy

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Product Details

A lovingly crafted sativa dominant CBD-rich flower with a gorgeous dark green and sticky feel containing an average of 18% CBD. Our SSSC flower is organically and regeneratively grown on a female owned farm under the sun in the native soil of the Hudson Valley, New York. Prominent terpenes include myrcene, pinene and terpinolene - a great combination for an uplift, healing and stress relief.

Super Sour Space Candy has a moreish scent of candied apples with a burst of citrus and is recognised as one of the most popular high CBD strains on the market. Great any time of the day but especially good after ‘one of those days’ when you need to destress in the evening.

Recommended Dosage - Start Low - Go Slow
Smoke between 0.1g - 0.25g.
Puff for 2-3 minutes and then rest.
Continue if required.
Best Time: PM

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